Flaming Chalice

Ceramic art chalices to grace your circle, home or sanctuary.

Chalice Styles

I am constantly working on new designs and glazes. The Shop page shows what is in inventory at the moment.  If you don't see what you want, email me.  Your perfect chalice may be cooling in the kiln right now.

Personal Chalices

Chalices now go beyond the front of the sanctuary – into homes and meetings rooms - traveling to partner churches around the world, and adorning home mantels and dining room tables.  Personal Chalices are small – 3.5 inches tall.  They are easily transportable and fit into a purse or briefcase for traveling.  They hold a tea light candle or battery tea light, or votive for those parts of the world where tea lights are not available.  Each Personal Chalice is hand thrown on the potter’s wheel and glazed with durable, chip resistant glaze.

These Personal Chalices come in a Rainbow of Colors.  Personal Chalices can be purchased online, or email me to save money on combined shipping changes for multiple chalices.

Many congregations buy Personal Chalices for

  • Bridging Seniors
  • Coming of Age graduates
  • RE classrooms
  • Covenant Groups
  • Partner Church gifts
  • Fundraisers
  •  .....and any UU who wants to light a candle to remember our UU principles.

Cases of Personal Chalices may be purchased at wholesale price.

Pillar and Votive Chalices

Table Chalices are perfect for the dining table or mantle.  Each Pillar or Votive Chalice is unique. They are made with a flat bottom that holds a 3 inch pillar or votive candle.  Some Chalices are hand thrown on the potters wheel and are glazed with durable, chip resistant glaze.   With over 20 years of experience working with many techniques, we are continually creating new designs. 


Boat Chalices

As I made the bigger and bigger chalices, they started to resemble bird baths.  I designed and hand built a boat shaped chalice so that a chalice can be large but still fit on a mantle or book case.  After working out the design and building many boat chalices, I realized that the problems with cracking at all of the joined seams made it too time consuming and expensive to offer at an affordable price.  I learned to make custom 3 part plaster molds and I can now slip cast the boat chalices from porcelain.  After the basic form is poured and released from the mold, I can embellish and alter each boat chalice to become a unique piece.