Flaming Chalice

Ceramic art chalices to grace your circle, home or sanctuary.

Ceramic art chalices to grace your home, sanctuary or circle.

Welcome To Flaming Chalice

Hi,  Kat Rose here.  I make a wide variety of ceramic chalices specifically made for Unitarian Universalists.  If you have been searching for chalices to use for UU purposes, you have probably noticed that most chalices are designed to be drinking goblets.  They have deep rounded cups.  While sometimes one can fit a candle inside, usually the candle is wobbly and unstable. Always constructed with flat bottom, the chalices I make are made specifically to seat candles.   


The Flaming Chalice - a candle in a chalice - is often lit at the beginning of services, meetings and meals to provide a focal point and open the space for thoughtful discourse.  You can learn more about the origin and meaning of the Flaming Chalice to Unitarian Universalists at the UUA website.  


 I am thrilled to be able to help promote the use of the flaming chalice as a meaningful symbol of our spiritual community and to produce works of art that can grace homes and church buildings.  All of my chalices are made by hand in a pottery studio on San Juan Island in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 

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How I got started

After I had a few years of clay under my belt, I looked around my congregation building and saw many make-shift chalices but very few really beautiful art chalices.

I made my first wonky chalice in 1998.  After many attempts and many crooked chalices, I learned how to make chalices in several steps – straight and well connected.  I had a dream to make chalices for Unitarians so I reserved a booth at our Pacific Northwest District meeting and made 100 small personal chalices for tea light candles.  I was shocked when I totally sold out during that weekend.  I had excited people lining up to place orders for chalices to be made when I got home.  Church congregations ordered cases of chalices for resale or for awards and gifts.

To keep track of the orders and make the financial part easier, I created an etsy storefront, then moved to my own e-commerce site  That made it easy to let people know when I had new chalices available or new styles or colors. 

I started getting requests for larger chalices.  I added Table Chalices, which can hold a 3 inch wide pillar candle, and a medium sized Votive Chalices which can hold a votive candle.  I have also made much larger chalices for front of the sanctuary and for weddings. Now I have a full line of chalice sizes – from Personal Chalices to 2 ft high chalices for front of sanctuary. I am also now making chalices with crystalline glaze which is my other passion in my fine art ceramics. 

I also had requests for custom chalices with personalization for awards and Thank-you gifts.  I have made many orders of custom personalized chalices for congregations and for UUA in Boston.

In 2013 I made a commitment to show my work at the General Assembly in Louisville Ky.  It is a huge effort to have enough chalices made, getting them packed and shipped across the country plus all of my booth equipment.  I am now a regular exhibitor at the annual General Assemblies.

My chalices have been purchased for weddings and memorial services.  Many congregations have one of my chalices at the front of their sanctuary.   My tiny personal chalices have sat in the center of Covenant Groups, Women’s and Men’s groups, RE classes, Board meetings and many a family dinner.

It is a privlege for my artwork to be the focal point for celebrations and personal sacred times.  I am honored to make artwork that reflects all of our UU values.